Monitoring birth and foal detection

This breakthrough module for birth and foal detection provides accurate monitoring during crucial stages. From alerts before, during and after birth to the continuous detection and observation of the mare and foal.

How does it work?

It allows owner and breeder to ensure the health and well-being of both with precision. With real-time reports and detailed observations, Novostable creates an indispensable tool for a successful and careful start to each new life at the stud.

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Monitoring recovery and rehabilitation

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Monitoring general health

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Monitoring recovery and rehabilitation

The story of Horsemotion

A passionate team born out of love for horses

Several years ago we received an early morning call from concerned neighbors who heard strange noises coming from our barn. Thanks to them, we discovered that one of our horses was struggling with colic.

We decided to install a camera, but soon realized that an ordinary camera would not be enough to alert us to abnormal behavior or colic. That brought us to Novostable!


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Looking for smart 24/7
camera monitoring in the stable

Looking for smart 24/7
camera monitoring in the stable

For monitoring your horse’s overall health, birth or recovery