24/7 camera
monitoring available in the app

Our key indicators and advanced analytics are designed to help you assess fitness and well-being.

Hikvision cameras

Keep an eye on his activity

Your horse’s activities are an important indicator of his overall health and well-being: find out the different activity levels based on movement and behavior.

Rest Hours App

Learning rest periods

By keeping an eye on recovery time after intense exercise, you can adjust your training program and stay attentive.

How much time does your horse spend outside?

Discover the ideal amount of exercise time your horse needs to be at his best. You can also determine the appropriate times for work or grazing.

When does your horse calm down?

When does your horse calm down?

Observe the time your horse spends lying down each day as well as his “up and down” rhythm. If you keep an eye on this indicator, you can react quickly if you suspect something.

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