Smart 24/7 camera
monitoring in the stable

Monitor your horse’s well-being
and act immediately!

Hikvision cameras
  • Slimme camera monitoring

  • Ai sent, 24/7
  • Notification of abnormal behavior

  • Suitable for: health, birth, clinical use

Smart cameras for day & night surveillance

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Night vision

Camera Hikvision Novostable
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Wide angle lens

Camera Hikvision Novostable
  • No discomfort to the horse thanks to infrared LEDs.
  • No blind spots thanks to the wide angle.
  • Powerful technology to process data efficiently
  • Connect via WIFI or 4G

Currently compatible cameras

Currently, there are two camera models that are compatible with our artificial intelligence algorithm.


5 MP AcuSense Fixed Dome Network Camera

DS-2CD3156G2-IS(U) H


8 MP Darkfighter Varifocal Dome Network Camera


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Monitoring recovery and rehabilitation

Looking for smart 24/7
camera monitoring in the stable

Looking for smart 24/7
camera monitoring in the stable

For monitoring your horse’s overall health, birth or recovery