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Connection with your horse

Horsemotion, a passionate team born out of love for horses, launches Novostable in Belgium with conviction!

Monitor the well-being
of your horse!

Several years ago we received an early morning call from concerned neighbors who heard strange noises coming from our barn. Thanks to them, we discovered that one of our horses was struggling with colic.

We decided to install a camera, but soon realized that an ordinary camera would not be enough to alert us to abnormal behavior or colic.

Horsemotion detection
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That brought us to Novostable! This system detects irregularities so that you as an owner, breeder, caretaker are always reassured about the health status of your horses!

Our mission is clear: Launch Novostable in Belgium. Whether for shetland ponies, thoroughbreds, Arabians, coldbloods or warmbloods, we are convinced that this system can make a world of difference in every branch of equestrian sports. We are here to take horse care and welfare to new heights.

Our solutions

Always keep your horse on hand!

Smart Surveillance

Monitoring general health


Monitoring birth and foal detection


Monitoring recovery and rehabilitation

Looking for smart 24/7
camera monitoring in the stable

Looking for smart 24/7
camera monitoring in the stable

For monitoring your horse’s overall health, birth or recovery